A man standing in front of an industrial machine.

Versatile Iron Foundry Services

Frazier is a ductile & gray iron foundry producing products to OEM designs.  We will work with OEMs to help improve castability, soundness and cost effectiveness of their designs.  We also strive to provide Best in Class lead times while also responding to those expedited requirements where possible (things do happen).

Core Making

  • One Sinto SCC90 Isocure Machine
  • Three Laempe Isocure Machines; (1) LL10 & (2) LL20
  • Redford Shalco & Sinto Shell Core Machines
  • One Multi-Box Dump-Out Pepset Core Machine w/Rotary Work Table


  • One Sinto FBO: Flask Size 24”x30”
  • Three Hunter H20: Flask Size 20”x24”


  • One 8-Ton Inductotherm Melting Furnace
  • Two 6-Ton Inductotherm Melting Furnaces
  • One 2-Ton Inductotherm Melting Furnace


  • Two Tumble Blast Machines
  • Four Sinto Robotic Grinders
  • Stand Grinding Stations
  • Hand Grinding Stations

Pattern Shop

In-House Pattern Shop

  • Rig New & Existing Customer Tooling
  • Minor ECNs & Repairs

Outside Pattern Shops

  • New Tooling Construction
  • Major ECNs and Repairs
  • Aluminum, Cast Iron, & Plastic Tooling

Outside Services

  • Heat Treatment
  • Primer/Finish Paint (Spray/Powder Coat)
  • Galvanizing & Zinc Coating
  • Rough & Finish Machining