Reshoring Efforts

While successfully growing over the last 5 decades, Frazier has worked through difficult economic times, including labor shortages.  However, the most difficult has been the transition of many castings for OEMs to offshore sourcing.

However, we do believe in our Heart of Hearts that protecting yourself is a very prudent course of action.  Key components that are single sourced offshore does provide great savings, but can also increase risk.  Should there be any disruptions, that could potentially cause delivery issues for your Customers.

With the challenges in the geopolitical world today, we believe 2nd sourcing domestically is a prudent approach.  Not only does it provide a proven local back up source, but also ensures that you can supply your Customers with product. 

Frazier works hard to minimize the cost of tooling for both primary and back up sourcing.  We believe that to ensure a sound 2nd source, that source should have active tooling.  Depending on volumes, we would suggest at least 1 to 2 orders per year.  This is obviously an item for discussion and negotiations. 

Your real advantage is that if Frazier has active, approved tooling in production, we can support any short or medium-term disruptions. 

In any event, Frazier is here to help mitigate risk in your global sourcing.  Thank you for your consideration and we are here to discuss your needs at our facility or yours.

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